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Driving Test History

Learn a bit about a brief portion of history detailing the journey of the Driving Test in UK through the infographics below.

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Learning Your Traffic Signs

Learning your traffic signs and understanding what each of them means is any driver's responsibility. Traffic signs serves a vital role in informing, directing and controlling road users behaviour and thus maintaining road safety for everyone. It is important for new learner drivers as well as those that are experiences to be up-to-date with  their knowledge on [...]

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Distracted Driving

Driving is one of those activities that require a driver’s full, undivided attention.  Driving while multi-tasking; have a generally higher risk of causing injuries to other as a result from a devastating crash. Distracted drivers are becoming more of a safety hazards not only for themselves but to the other motorist that they get in contact [...]

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Theory Trainning

Learner your theory with all the DVSA questions Need to Learn your theory then download the great Smart Learner theory App from Apple/Googleplay store today Boosting the Full Official DVSA Question bank it has all you need to let you pass your Test first time

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