Distracted Driving

Driving is one of those activities that require a driver’s full, undivided attention.  Driving while multi-tasking; have a generally higher risk of causing injuries to other as a result from a devastating crash. Distracted drivers are becoming more of a safety hazards not only for themselves but to the other motorist that they get in contact [...]

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Learning to Drive – Introduction

A person’s life consists of many first; your first time to talk, or to walk or to dance; and many other things that you do for the first time. Driving is the same. It is a skill you need to prepare for and master. Learning to drive is your introduction to work life having the [...]

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Learning to Drive – Planning and Preparing

Learning to drive on your own is possible but not advisable. As a new learner, you will have better chances in learning to drive properly under the instruction of someone with experience in driving. If you choose to learn and book lessons in an accredited driving school, you will become better prepared to drive than [...]

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