A person’s life consists of many first; your first time to talk, or to walk or to dance; and many other things that you do for the first time. Driving is the same. It is a skill you need to prepare for and master. Learning to drive is your introduction to work life having the right foundation to start with is essential to ensure that you are prepared both physically and mentally to handle a vehicle on your own.


Driving – A Short History

The very first vehicle was invented in the 18th century and has evolved tremendously throughout the years. With more motorised vehicles crowding the roads, the “Motor Car Act of 1903” was introduced to vehicle owners of the UK. In this act, all types of motor vehicles were required to be registered by their owners on local county borough councils and drivers licence were issued and made compulsory. By the year 1930’s there were approximately around a million cars in the roads of UK. Age restrictions on drivers were applied and driving test for disabled drivers were introduced.
By 1934, driving was regulated by introducing the” Road Traffic Act of 1934” and by 1935, all drivers were required to take the driving test to ensure that vehicle owners has the necessary skills to handle their vehicles and obtain their licence.
The UK Driving Test

1st June 1935 marked the birth of the UK driving test due to an increase in road casualties in the UK roads. Revisions to the driving test were made all throughout the years and by April 1991, Reverse Parking Manoeuvre became a compulsory p[art of the test.
The Theory Test was introduced to UK drivers on April of 1996. Drivers were required to pass a written test to be able to get a driving licence.